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Earn While You Learn

To deliver Hairdressing Apprenticeships we work alongside local salons to train future stylists. Training will cover practical and theory assessments in a realistic working environment. We understand that to become an excellent stylist you need to have the ability to present yourself and communicate with people and become proficient in a wide range of techniques in styling, cutting and colouring.

We now deliver the new Level 2 Diploma for Hair Professionals, this new apprenticeship qualification is a super Level 2 with Level 3 skills included to make sure apprentices are salon floor ready once qualified. This has been the biggest changes in Hairdressing Apprenticeships in 30 years with employers input. The new standards are referred to as Hair Professional.

Developed by employers and set at a higher level than ever before with an end point assessment carried out by an independent City & Guilds assessor under trade test conditions. This is graded as either a pass or distinction depending on performance.

If not successful at passing the end point assessment they must re-take, which is an additional cost to the employer.

The newly developed standards for apprenticeships which now takes two years to complete, will still require a minimum of 30 hours a week employment, in a salon @ £3.70 hr. The training day can be included within the
30 hours requirement.

There is a requirement which includes Functional skills, Maths & English with in the course delivery.

A Note To The Employer

At HairStation Academy we offer trainees the opportunity to gain hands on practical experience in a working realistic salon environment. Trainees will work on live models and learn about promoting customer care.  

We communicate regularly with salons and trainees to review learning in order to plan, motivate and maximise the apprentices progression and ensure they develop the level of skills that meets salon requirements.

Without a steady flow of new talent coming through apprenticeships there would quickly be a shortage of skilled professionals within the Hairdressing industry.

Trainees can add value to your salon business, during the time they are not practicing and perfecting skills, they also act as assistants in the salon to ensure clients receive high quality service in your salon along with keeping it a clean and tidy work place.

As an incentive to salon employers who take on an apprentice under the age of 18 the government will pay a bonus of £1,000 for each apprentice. This is paid in two halves at 6 months and 12 months, the incentive payments are made by our funding provider Cheynes Training not HairStation Academy.

As an employer the same responsibilities of employing people come with employing a young apprentice but with the obligation of ensuring each apprentice completes their training programme. There will be a contract supplied to emphasise this. Employers and academy must work together to ensure completion of the programme and undertake everything possible to ensure completion of the programme and in becoming a successful stylists.

The apprentice must be given the correct breaks and lunches, work the correct number of hours and receive the correct pay with a pay slip and holiday entitlement.

Apprentices are Transferable, from one training organisation to another.

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